Friday, May 29, 2009

so i made a list

Here it is. The things i have been putting off since college started. I'm moving into an empty, 4 bedroom apartment in less than 3 days, and I had promised myself that I was officially going to change my habits THAT DAY. You, my friends, need to help me stick to it. Yes, I also realize that I am probably only speaking to Alyssa, Maddie, and the occasional Madelyn.

ok, so here it goes...
1. start biking everywhere, and a LOT. 
2. eat HEALTHY and lessssss. I think this one will be easy because of all the cooking i want to do.
3. find another job to keep during the school year.
5. Learn how to keep things tidy on my own terms.
6. Take one MILLLLION pictures.
7. swim in some sort of body of water at least once a week.
8. loose 30 pounds.
9. get my style back (ha).
10. Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it real fun. 

Hahahah, so the last one is worded so sillily. (i like the spelling of that word. im going to use it more often. Get ready)