Wednesday, September 23, 2009

first encounter of the same kind

I was an outsider of this group. I was from a different school. A smaller school. All of these girls had their jokes and their comfort. I had a bag of chips and a frog shirt. I thought to myself, "sooner or later someone is going to get hungry and eat some chips." Well, it happened, followed by the incredible consumption of sugary substances that only girls of age 12 could manage. It was this hyperactivity that threw me head first into this crazy, horrible world of girldom.

It was a day of celebration. It was a collection of the dweebiest 5th graders in all of the world. There I was, in a roomful of peers. It seemed as if one horrendous, style-deficient girl topped the next. And then i saw it.

There it was, glistening in the fluorescent lighting of a dimly lit basement. The most appalling sight in all of my then 12 years and maybe all of my life. Little did i know, this hairstyle would haunt me for years, almost a decade, before i had the guts to go manually change it myself. But that is beside the point. I guess the whole point is that this horribly slicked bun (which i considered the pinnacle of terribly styled adolescents) was equally matched to my bright yellow shirt displaying a comically large frog.

This hair has not been slicked back in years, and I don't even own anything with any sort of animal printed on it, let alone a frog. In the 10 years of this friendship of epic proportions, we have indeed sported styles of questionable taste, but nothing ever will compare to the day we realized our matching oddities of the slicked bun and from shirt.