Tuesday, November 10, 2009

romanticism vs. practicality: fight of the century

Its funny to watch peoples interactions. You can tell who is comfortable and who is not. Today is one of those self-induced, lack of interaction day. Can't i just go home and paint for the rest of the night? Why am i such a romantic and hope my life is nothing but painting, picture-taking, and happiness? It is such a romantic ideal that is hard to hold onto in society. Where do romanticism and practicality meet?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

imagine, me and you.

sorry guys, its a bad picture with what appears to be a nude toddler running into the picture. This is the underpainting, so you get the idea. I guess i am kind of exploring this whole idea of personal problems that many people are faced with. Almost "fad" problems that are GRIPPING the nation. First, of course, was the overconsumption/being fat/ no control idea. Now this one is the whole identity issue. Putting on different faces for different people which, in turn, causes a loss of identity. But also, it speaks about the uncertainty of your own identity and other peoples. or something. haha.

we'll see where this goes...