Monday, March 1, 2010

evolution of an iffy painting.

So, here we are. I uploaded the images wrong, so you will have to bear with me and read from the bottom to top. Its oil on panel (with acrylic underpainting). Each panel is 2'x4' (yeah yeah, enough of these weirdo big ones already.) I'm not sure how i feel about it being a diptych or how i feel about how it has turned out. There are obvious fixes, but i want to get out of the habit of overworking things. So, i dub the FINISHED.

Second semester sprang up on me this year, so i blame this painting on having to just jump into it. I did learn to paint fast and be confident in my brush strokes. Ive always been the type to do that, but then i overwork things, and it doesnt ever really look cohesive on the surface.

Anyways, this painting is about the slowing of the brain in aging. Personally, i find it terrifying that as you get older, your brian gets slower. There is a definite peak that gets reached and then the axons in your brain fire and your neurotransmitters have a harder (therefore slower) time figuring out what the other axons are sending it.

I think that this painting is too much of a direct representation of this idea, and i want to work more abstract in portraying it.

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