Thursday, April 1, 2010

turn of events

Here's a little peek into my studio space. haha. Yes, i am always that messy.

Anyways, large scale painting. I dont really know what i'm continuing here. This painting is like 4 feet wide and maybe...i dont know 5 1/5 feet tall? Im at a point where i dont really know what im doing. Its hard for me because im not planning or deciding or contemplating--im just doing. I dont know how successful any of my newer stuff is, i just know that its something i need to be doing. It probably has something to do with my life right now. I dont have time to think, or so it feels. Im always thinking about money and school and deadlines and work and all this stuff that makes me not think creatively. Maybe im just a big ol' worry wart. (ps. there is a silhouette of my gramma in that painting.)

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