Sunday, May 2, 2010

can you tell me what its like to die, johnny?

more studies i guess. the first one is large scale, and not done. I'm getting more of an understanding of what I'm doing. I've only started to realize that things are right when they are crazy.

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  1. i love your work. this "funk" in your life is beautifully speaking through you. I think the more you define and figure out whats going on, the better its going to get. ...although, maybe better isn't quite the right word...

    perhaps just more ... more.

    just different. like you said, your life and your work are directly related and that relation is just going to change.

    i feel like your work not only speaks through you but also, those who easily relate to it. to the chaos. to the not knowing whats going on.

    in otherwords, i really relate to it. and i love it. im sure there are many many others who will love it too. its a commonality. in an extrodinary way.